How to serve a longbow stringer

It travels forward a bit before pulling itself loose. We recommend that you string your new bow and either let it sit overnight not recommended for self bows or take it out and shoot it straight away. Back to brace height….

Basic Longbow and Recurve Set-Up

Here are some guidelines… Longbows generally are never braced lower than six inches and recurves rarely less than seven. Whichever way you go, remember, every bow deserves a case. If we can agree that the form is good, then the symptoms and cures outlined below will be valid.

Back to top. Test this by switching to a heavier point. We hope you enjoy and even submit a trophy of your own, or leave a comment on a post.

how to serve a longbow stringer

You want a lot from your bow, so keep it safe in its own bow case. You have to actually shoot arrows from the bow to see how the changes in brace height affect your arrow flight.

how to serve a longbow stringer

Another facet of setting up a new bow is how shooting the bow feels during and after the shot. DPReview Digital Photography. These strings rely on opposing twists to stay together.

How about a few tips on figuring out where the best spot for the nocking point is? Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. The one constant in all of the set-up and tuning tips that follow is that your form is not flawed.

What steps do you take to get your bow out and start shooting? Bow String Silencers Recurves also have an issue with brush, sticks, grass, and twigs getting caught between the limb and the bowstring.

how to serve a longbow stringer

For as lightweight as they are, they do a fine job protecting your bow. Deals and Shenanigans. Like the rest, this arrow plate provides a soft, smooth surface for the edge of your arrow to slip around as it clears the sight window. Longbows are typically much more quiet to begin with, but a small string silencer on them can make the shot feel better to the archer as well.

When you buy a new longbow or recurve, chances are the bow has never been strung before.

how to serve a longbow stringer