How to speed up browserify alternative

Repeat this for all of the dependencies that are available on npm and you end up with something like: Browserify does exactly what it says it does and it does it well. Its plugin architecture contributed towards its popularity. FuseBox is a bundler focusing on speed.

Comparison of Build Tools

A good example of this is jQuery and its plugins. Compared to Grunt, you have a clearer idea of what's going on. Now recursively bundle up all the required modules starting at main. Just remove Bower from your dependencies and start building on your new stack. Grunt Grunt Grunt was the first famous task runner for frontend developers.

It can become hard to understand what's going on under the hood. They tend to rely on many hefty libraries.

Why We Should Stop Using Bower – And How to Do It

With a private npm registry like npm Enterprise or Sonatype Nexus , you can publish and depend upon these modules with minimal hassle. The Browserify ecosystem is composed of a lot of small modules. It supports Hot Module Replacement out of the box. Here's an example from Grunt documentation. Bundlers Task runners are great tools on a high level. It makes the structure and modularity of our code rock.

In practice, you would have many small tasks for specific purposes, such as building the project. There is also RSS available for old beards no pun intended. Dealing with JavaScript modules has always been a bit of a problem. These tools include microbundle , sfo , bili , ovi , and asbundle.

James Coglan discusses in detail how to use Make with JavaScript. It allows CommonJS modules to be bundled together. Plugins available through npm made both task runners powerful and extendable. StealJS is a dependency loader and a build tool which has focused on performance and ease of use.