Kuduro dance 2015 what does the fox

kuduro dance 2015 what does the fox

As Lisbon prepares to host Red Bull Culture Clash on March 2, where the four crews are sure to deliver a host of different Portuguese and beyond party sounds, we highlight a few of Lisbon's most essential club bangers over the past 30-odd years.

It started out, like so many others around the world, in thrall to the house, techno and rave sounds reverberating out of the US, UK and Germany. They've supported the elder statesmen of the scene, such as DJ Nervoso and Marfox, and they continue to support the next generation.

Danza Kuduro

Sound Of Kuduro is a brash, noisy blend of kuduro — which translates as "hard ass" — and the fidgety house music that, refracted through African and Brazilian influences, has really caught on in Portugal. But the dark, intense acid sound of Underground Sound Of Lisbon has morphed into something entirely different over the past three decades. Portuguese club and electronic music has come a long way since Underground Sound Of Lisbon took on the world with their anthem, So Get Up.

kuduro dance 2015 what does the fox

Here are the tracks you need to know. Lisbon's Principe Discos label — which has its own show on Red Bull Radio — has been the premier outlet for the Lisbon club sound for nearly a decade.

kuduro dance 2015 what does the fox

Funk Em Kuduro was an early example of batida, infusing fidgety footwork house with the Angolan club sound of kuduro. Rui Da Silva — Touch Me 2001. Inspired by modern Lusophone sounds brought into Portugal by migrants from Angola and Cape Verde, a younger generation have twisted house and techno into something more global, infectious and culturally distinctive.

Listen to these essential club bangers from Portugal

A hard-thumping and squelchy acid monster in the same continuum lineage as music by Joey Beltram and Hardfloor , So Get Up took on the world when the Tribal America label licensed it and gave it to Junior Vasquez and Danny Tenaglia to remix.

Written by Sammy Lee 2 March 2018. Marlon Silva started making music in 2002 in his early teens. Music Clubbing. Lisbon's electronic music scene is in full bloom — and it is also one of Europe's most unique.

kuduro dance 2015 what does the fox