News from nowhere nick cave lyrics henry

And I saw miss Polly singing with some girls, I cried strap me to the mast.

news from nowhere nick cave lyrics henry

It also - and let us here slip into the rocker vernacular with which Cave assessed The Boatman's Call - rocks like a bastard. Reuse this content. Contact Us. He approaches them with suitably flowery entreaties, and gets the brush-off every time: He then turned his attentions to his 1997 album The Boatman's Call, his beautiful, anguished eulogy for a failed relationship with fellow singer-songwriter Polly Harvey.

news from nowhere nick cave lyrics henry

Well, Alina, she starts screaming, her cheeks are full of psychotropic leaves. I said the sun rises and falls with you, and various things about love.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Dig!!! Lazarus Dig!!!

Cause someone must have put something in my drink, everything getting strange looking. The Bad Seeds remain the most versatile and distinctive supporting cast imaginable, blessed with an ability to essay a baffling variety of musical styles while always sounding exactly like the Bad Seeds. Then a black girl with no clothes on danced across the room. Lyrics Of This Artist.

news from nowhere nick cave lyrics henry

I called her my nubian princess, I gave her some sweet-back bad-ass jive. R ecently, Nick Cave embarked on a round of interviews to promote his 14th studio album with the Bad Seeds. Half the people had turned into squealing pigs, the other half were cooking.

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At moments like that, it would be tempting to call Dig!!! He's particularly droll on the subject of sex. Now, Betty X is like Betty Y minus that fatal chromosome. Then again, perhaps Cave can afford to playfully dismiss his back catalogue. He considered its merits in terms rather more redolent of his countryman Sir Les Patterson than you might expect from a man once commissioned to give a lecture on the art of the love song at the Vienna poetry festival. Night of the Lotus Eaters not only offers the improbable image of towering, backwoodsman-bearded drummer Jim Sclavunos playing the finger cymbals - a kind of percussionist's equivalent of seeing Billy Bob Thornton riding a Fifi and the Flowertots trike - but also a perfect demonstration of their abilities.

But that makes it sound stuffy and didactic, which it isn't at all.