Targetcli fb how to prank it up

Updated for version 20180705. Fix build on 32 bit.

Chili Powder Prank

Added an icon and a desktop file. Fixed tarball handling. Fixed download links unversioned tarballs. Added Addon for xpenguins. Updated for version 56. Fixed download urls. Cannot retrieve contributors at this time. Added Gameboy and Gameboy Color emulator. Retain license files. Added Qt Cryptographic Architecture for Qt5.

Added third party drivers for libindi. Added changes image inside of dockapp. Added library for abstract syntax trees. Updated for version 44. Added Spell checker. Update downloads. Updated for version 20170612. Remove need for cunit dependency.

Project Participants

Added Determine file type using magic. Updated for version hg3011. Updated for version r127. Privacy policy. Added extended Thompson shell. Added Python more itertools library. Updated for version 94.

Compare Packages Between Distributions

Please select two distributions and then a specific version of each distribution to compare. Fixed desktop files. Added text progress bar library.