Torque converter slipping when cold is contagious

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torque converter slipping when cold is contagious

Moods are infectious: Afterwards, step on the gas lightly a few times, let it come back to idle, press down on the brakes, and then shift into drive. Automatic transmissions are difficult to deal with. Thanks, this MAF talk is really starting worry me. Hi, On the diagnostic tool you can check the autobox slippage.

Dieselman , Dec 4, 2004.

torque converter slipping when cold is contagious

Also check the ATF level. As the fluid flows through the turbine, it is repeatedly transferred from the outer part to the inner part of the turbine, and returned to the impeller. Anders , Dec 3, 2004.

torque converter slipping when cold is contagious

I heard that the MAF sensor is now included for replacement in the new service schedules for new cars? The turbine is connected to the output shaft, which sends power to the transmission. Low Transmission Fluid Symptoms. To check availability on a discussed transmission family, give ETE a call directly at 800-934-9479.

torque converter slipping when cold is contagious

The heater worked in the winter, the air conditioning blew ice cold in the.. It now has miles on it, 54 when I signed the papers, and it has this torque converter shudder.

Torque Converter Problems: Signs, Causes, & Replacement

This simple test can help to diagnose potential problems with the torque converter. Therefore the fluid starts leaking through seals, contributing to low line pressures.

The slipping of this mechanism is probably the most troublesome problem your vehicle will ever encounter. Some of the more common scenarios include:. Finally, drive your car and test for the same things as well as shuddering or slipping. Less likely, but quite disconcerting if it does happen, are problems presented by a worn clutch inside the torque converter.

Transmission Slipping Causes

Remember to check MAF sensor though not a bad idea to replace it anyway. If transmission fluid is leaking near this area, then it is very possible one might have a damaged torque converter seal. Anders , Dec 7, 2004.

torque converter slipping when cold is contagious

Had that for a couple of months before my MAF packed up, I'd get it hooked up to a diag box. You should perform a fluid change first, run your car for a while, and check back again.