What are life science majors

Biological Physics Pathway

Entry requirements Students are allowed to enter the major Sustainability when they: Strong lab and field components. The breadth of knowledge available to students in this program and the dedicated support of the Neuroscience faculty and staff provide excellent academic preparation for Life Science majors who seek careers in scientific research, medicine, dentistry,biotechnology, and in many other fields.

Mihai Surdu. Introduction to the scientific principles underlying the livestock and poultry industries.

what are life science majors

A strong emphasis on lab-based learning. Course work will be graded by a Faculty member with expertise relevant to the student's area of study. In response, the UCLA Institute for Society and Genetics attempts to incorporate scientists fully in the process of understanding ethical, legal, and societal impacts of the applications of their genetic and genomic research.

what are life science majors

Entry requirements Students are allowed to enter the Majors of Life Sciences when they: This course is intended for senior U3 undergraduates. Emphasis on the natural environment as an integrated system. Mandatory courses at 300 level 15 EC.

what are life science majors

Our main goal is to introduce students to research at an earlier stage in their academic careers in preparation for post-graduate and professional school studies. The Major also purposes to provide a broader perspective on the Life Sciences themselves and their role in society, politics, and culture.

Students who complete less than 27.

Major in Life Sciences

We consider the human being a researching subject as well as a subject of research. The 2017-18 thresholds for Life Sciences are: You can also stop by our office in Zilber Hall to say hello.

Opportunities Students who complete the requirements for this degree are exceptionally well prepared to pursue careers in cellular and subcellular biological research, in biotechnology, in biomedical research, or in medicine or allied health fields. Study Abroad. Scholarships and financial aid Scholarships Financial aid How to apply for financial aid Financial aid timeline and deadlines Office of Student Financial Aid.

what are life science majors