What did herbert henry dow invent

Herbert had a distinct mindset: Your Money.

what did herbert henry dow invent

When the profits rolled in, Dow expanded into world markets. He created gardens, ponds, and hills according to a simple philosophy that is still followed: Midland was a lumbering town with 14 saloons and a doubtful future. Instead, Dow made profits from his export and solidified his company's position in world markets.

what did herbert henry dow invent

Following the war, Dow focused his energies on the automobile industry, producing light-weight parts for car engines that proved to be more fuel efficient. Meanwhile, the chlorine and bromine were corroding his equipment and causing breakdowns.

Herbert Henry Dow (1866–1930)

Next Herbert Hoover. Instead he began to study boiler fuels and their chemical composition. Dow was a public-spirited citizen, serving on boards of public works and education for many years. He is best known for his work in halogen chemistry, particularly the production of bromine and chlorine.

what did herbert henry dow invent

Herbert Henry Dow 1864-1930. Contact Us. At the time, the government-supported German bromine cartel, Bromkonvention, had a near-monopoly on the supply of bromine, which they sold for 49 cents per pound.

what did herbert henry dow invent

At no time during the pricing war did Dow Chemical appeal to the antitrust acts so vital to maintaining competition. The images in the photoessay presented here illustrate the main themes of the exhibition.

Herbert Henry Dow

Retrieved from http: By 1900, Herbert Dow had become one of the United States' leading scientists. Through Herbert Dow and his wife Grace Dow, they contributed to many different organizations.

what did herbert henry dow invent

He quickly formed his own company, but was bankrupt within the year. Conquest and Corruption. The standard method of extracting bromine at the time was to evaporate the brine, using for fuel the leftover wood scraps from the fast-disappearing lumber industry; remove the sodium chloride, which crystallized first; then add an oxidizing agent to the remaining liquid, which contained bromine ions; and finally distill the bromine.

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