What high school students say

If you don't understand an activity they provide great 1 to 1 support. My family and I chose Henderson High School because our friend had studied there in 2013 and recommended it to us. The teachers have encouraged me to enjoy learning. I plan to go home to Japan to study English at university. The induction days and tours give us the chance to get to know each other, and make the first day far more comfortable — and exciting! I am now a more confident person, thanks to Durrington.

What Our Students Say

Working to the best of your ability is the only way to work at DHS. I have been there nearly one year now and really like it. On my first day at Henderson High School the other students welcomed me even though I was really quiet.

what high school students say

Here the teacher helps the student do the work themselves. The school system in New Zealand is different from my home in Macau, with less subjects and more holidays. Determination is a key part of school life.

What our High School students say

However my favourite subject is Physical Education because I love playing in the school Basketball team. There are a range of leadership opportunities, including Prefect roles, work experience placements and student mentoring. Back to the classroom for some motivated learning, led by the most inspirational teachers Bucks has to offer.

At lunchtime you might be leading our MUN Society, or taking part in rehearsals for our annual Dance show, before popping by to see Roger in the canteen for some wholesome, gastro-style food, plus the odd treat — Eton Mess, anyone?

Ruth Nochete - Phillipines.

what high school students say

The extra-curricular activities have offered me good opportunities to work with new people and meet new friends, resulting in me feeling safe and content at school. Her great personality helped me to talk opening and ask questions. Students with learning difficulties are fully supported to achieve the best possible results.


There are endless extra-curricular activities so there is something for everyone to get involved in. We have the Cross Country run coming up and I hope I do well.

Beaconsfield High School

I used a lot of pictures to help my classmates understand my life back in Japan. On Thursday 7th February Durrington High School held their second annual charity concert in aid of local charity read more... Soon I will be going home and have lots of good memories to take with me!

what high school students say

Thanks a gazillion! We have a special room for International Students for meetings and lunch with our friends and to get any information we need.