What is dutch decompression

Who do I contact? The events provide an opportunity for participants to share feelings, art, performances, and memories. September 10, 18: Press enter to begin your search.

Dutch Decompression

Our Dutch Decompression event has occurred in November the past years, and anything afterwards is typically considered a warm-up for the next Burning Man. This culture forms an integrated pattern of values, experience, and behavior: Burning Man NL provides infrastructural tools and frameworks to support our community in applying the ten Principles in four interconnected program areas: The [Freespace] movement is an experiment in what is possible when a community shares the gift of physical space.

It's a way of being in the world. Arts, Culture, Civic Involvement and Education. Burning Man Netherlands.

what is dutch decompression

Step 2: November 10, 2018 Starting time: You've entered an invalid card number or last name. Burning Man NL acts on the belief that community-driven, inclusive and interactive art is vital to a thriving culture.

what is dutch decompression

Find out more on Facebook. What if -despite all my efforts- I find myself unable to attend after all? Step 1: Because probably the inevitable homesickness is kicking in… And what you and all of us need is a proper Decompression!

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Something went wrong! Projects and Initiatives. All can get a ticket for this Dutch Decom until tickets have sold out, also non-event members. Lost in the Dust? Website made by Roald Reurink. Ticket Amount Total.

what is dutch decompression

Due to restrictions with the venue, no own drinks and food is allowed indoors. We trust on the self-reliance of the burner to redistribute the ticket to the community on own account face value or gift of course.

Dutch Decompression 2018

You most certainly can! Mark these dates! Keep me updated with promotional emails.