What is plugin.xml file in eclipse

Go back to your extension point definition and add a choice to the extension point. The plug-in which defines the extension point is also responsible for evaluating the extensions. Eclipse provides one of many available implementations of this specification and serves as the reference implementation of the latest OSGi R4 specification.

what is plugin.xml file in eclipse

The factory receives the configuration elements and can construct the required object. To make sense of this, don't use a text editor for editing plugin. In comparison, any bundle can implement and use an OSGi service.

Then create a plug-in containing the domain-specific classes with a dependency on Hibernate.

Understanding how Eclipse plug-ins work with OSGi

Give the new element the name "client". CoreException ; import org. In the handler point to the EvaluateContributionsHandler class.

what is plugin.xml file in eclipse

This wasn't always the case, however. The PDE will assist you in this as follows:. The next two sections define the extension points org. Sign in or register to add and subscribe to comments. Eclipse Platform help system. Now when you attempt to open an editor on a. A unique identifier for this plugin, such as org.

what is plugin.xml file in eclipse

Accessing extensions The information about the available extension points and the provided extensions are stored in a class of type IExtensionRegistry. Give the new element the name "class" and the type "java". Buddy class loader options Begin by creating a plug-in for Hibernate. After considerable research, the Eclipse creators decided to replace the proprietary plug-in framework by implementing the OSGi framework specification.

what is plugin.xml file in eclipse

Unless explicitly noted during the rest of this article, the Eclipse term plug-in and the OSGi term bundle are used interchangeably because all Eclipse plug-ins are now OSGi bundles. Get the book! Copyright 2004, Pearson Education, Inc.

Eclipse Cookbook by Steve Holzner

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Create a new plug-in project called com. A plug-in which declares an extension point must declare the extension point in its plugin. The plug-in defines a contract API with the definition of an extension point. You can access extensions of all extension points via the IExtensionRegistery. An example is listed in the following code.