What marvel superhero girl are you

While superhero movies and TV shows are all the rage right now, some of the efforts of yesteryear weren't necessarily that well received at the time.

Which Marvel Heroine Are You?

Can You Pass It? Remove Excerpt. Not registered yet? Get new quizzes every day. So, out of the four options listed, which one is most applicable to you when it comes to sports? Whether you like him or not, Superman is often seen as the greatest hero in the history of comic books. Drop a match on this quiz and find out which DC Supervillain you are!

what marvel superhero girl are you

After all, it'd be a tad boring if we all liked the same thing. Sign up! Whether it's in movie form, TV form, or even in the wonderful medium of comic books, there have been a whole plethora of women who many can only dream of somehow going on a date with.

Guess the Character "MARVEL" (By Silhouette) -- Movie Quiz

He's okay, I guess Overrated, overhyped, and an all-round jackass. Yes, I'd have one, but I would still have powers, even if I lost it. That means that there's a whole plethora of comic book films booked in for a release over the next years. Sometimes, regardless of what a hero does, you just can't ever really fully get behind them. For others, you may not have quite such a fondness for family, or you may have a more compact, small family unit. If a dirty job needs doing, I'm the best person for it I don't like war, but I'll participate if necessary I'm completely against going to war, regardless of circumstance.

what marvel superhero girl are you

Which of these movies would you say you're most looking forward to? Sign In with your ProProfs account. It seems that barely a month goes by without some sort of comic book picture landing on the silver screen.

what marvel superhero girl are you

As alluded to elsewhere on this quiz, right now we're well and truly in the middle of a cinematic superhero boom; a boom that looks like it has no end in sight just yet. The most LOL-worthy things the Internet has to offer. From the four options listed here, which of these would you say was your favorite during your school years?

Which Female Superhero Are You?

Sure, there are a whole host of publishers and independent labels out there these days, but the comic book industry is quite clearly still dominated by Marvel Comics and DC Comics. A mythological being A mad scientist Another superhero Myself. Pretty rad, right? I want them to kick my ass on a regular basis! So there you have it, faithful reader.

what marvel superhero girl are you