Whats in the new gta 5 update

GTA 5 Online New DLC revealed: New vehicles and new updates provide big boost to PS4, Xbox

It seemed mad at the time, but that Undead Nightmare DLC was very popular and some still play it today. Independence Day DLC. Impressive, right?

whats in the new gta 5 update

Dixon Residency Week. Use your Super Jump ability to quickly vault obstacles and spring an attack from above or behind.

whats in the new gta 5 update

The Vespucci Job Week. Transform Race and Creator Updates Week.

GTA Online update: FINAL major free content release CONFIRMED for PS4, PC and Xbox?

Build 350. Players will also be able to design the perfect nightclub, hire staff and promote it in Los Santos. Xbox 360: Notes Official. It'd be a variation on the existing Survival mode in GTA Online, but instead of Buzzard helicopters flying in at you in droves, it'd be zombies, ever escalating, with special boss-enemies to finish the wave.

While the idea of single player DLC is always going to be a pipedream it's not going to happen , the online open-world is continually evolving.

whats in the new gta 5 update

Patriot and Romero Hearse Week. This includes the Jester Classic, a stretch limo version of the Patriot, and a vehicle that includes a built-in ramp.

More dalliances with Battle Royale.

whats in the new gta 5 update

Update 393. Smuggler's Run.

GTA V Update Version 1.30 (PS4) Patch Notes Title 1.46 (PC, Xbox One)

GTA Online: With that in mind, these are the things that'll happen before GTA VI is in our disc drives or on our hard-drives in a digital-only future. Madrazo Dispatch Services Week. Menacer Week.