Who is american family voices

AFV Trolls Koch Brothers Group

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who is american family voices

Check Out Now or Continue Researching. Michael Lux, president of the group, said it wanted to reach ''opinion leaders'' in New York and politicians in Washington.

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who is american family voices

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CORPORATE CONDUCT: THE POLITICS; Secretive Group Re-emerges With Advertising Hostile to Bush

It has Section 501 c 4 tax status, which means it cannot run advertisements mentioning specific candidates within 60 days of a general election or 30 days of a primary. See next articles. Bush during his campaign for president has re-emerged to point to links between oil companies with questionable accounting practices and the Bush administration.

who is american family voices

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who is american family voices

Pitt, is unfit for the job because he was once a lawyer for several accounting firms, including Arthur Andersen. An article in Business Day yesterday about a television commercial highlighting the Bush administration's links to companies involved in accounting investigations included one political strategist erroneously among those involved with American Family Voices, the group that produced it. View all New York Times newsletters.

who is american family voices

But the group and its advertising agency, the Glover Park Group, have significant links to the Clinton administration. Clinton, was involved with American Family Voices. You are already subscribed to this email.