Who won the australian election 2013 philippines

After all, it meant they enjoyed and still largely do personal control over the policing and public administration. East Asia has been stable in way it might not have been if left to its own devices. It is not just Australian policymakers who have been unsettled by this turn of events. A total of 14,712,799 people enrolled to vote in the 2013 federal election, an increase of over 624,000 since the last election.

who won the australian election 2013 philippines

Federal election 2013 Brenton Holmes, Politics and Public Administration Key issue The federal election, held on 7 September 2013, brought to a conclusion what had been a tumultuous three years—largely animated by the tensions of a hung parliament, highly partisan parliamentary politics, leadership struggles within the Labor Party, and controversies associated with Speaker Peter Slipper.

B Holmes and S Fernandes, 2010 federal election: This is the first article in our Election 2013 Essays series. Was is to look after commercial interests? Over 3.

Federal election 2013

While conflict remains a remote possibility at this stage, it is worth asking what Australia would do in such circumstances. Available editions United Kingdom. Sorry, it looks like an error occurred Please refresh the page and try again.

News to your inbox Sign up now for the latest news from Australia and around the world direct to your inbox. Make a donation. I was a foreign observer during the 2010 presidential vote in a small hacienda town on the island of Negros. Early on, speculation abounded as to why News Corp was going all out against Labor.

In South Australia 44,402 electors, or 4. Such intellectual timidity and rigidity begs the question of what Australia will do with its expensively acquired seat on the UN Security Council. Even more importantly, Japan and China are moving to defend what they see as their vital national interests.

who won the australian election 2013 philippines

Skip to content Primary Navigation Show menu Hide menu. But how would we know given the almost complete absence of serious debate? Other young people I talked with were considering not participating at all. Strategic hardheads will no doubt tell us the issues are too complex and specialist for the general public.

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The difficult part was how predictable the campaign was and the increasing inevitability of the outcome. As the federal election campaign draws to a close, The Conversation asked eminent thinkers to reflect on the state of the nation and the challenges Australia - and whichever party wins government - faces in the future.

Both the quantity and dynamic quality of its coverage should be acknowledged, even by those who regard any media outlet associated with Murdoch as the spawn of Satan. This compares to around 2. The Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters will examine the matter as part of its inquiry into the 2013 federal election.

who won the australian election 2013 philippines