William ross howard iii biography of michael

She was 81. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. There was a real story here! Lamour suggested to Joe that her financial predicament could provide the makings of a wonderful new book, with Dorothy the centerpiece representing so many women of her generation who had blissfully left finances to husbands only to find themselves financially stranded after their mates departed.

Did you like this? Without a movie star name to back them up, these women were forced to return to the work force often as waitresses, restaurant hostesses or sales clerks.

J.EDGAR (and Joe’s) Rendevous With DOROTHY LAMOUR

And, Stuart was savvy enough to realize the potential of a book about a famous Hollywood star experiencing the same distressing situation as an average housewife confronting the reality that dear departed husband had spent all the money. Would this book be too revealing?

william ross howard iii biography of michael

Edgar Hoover and Dorothy Lamour? And, no, she never married J.

Edgar Hoover. Like many women of her age and time, she had absented herself from the finances of her family, leaving such matters to her businessman husband. She truly was loved and a friend to all. And Our Man Was There!

william ross howard iii biography of michael

That there was little if any money left. Edgar Hoover?

william ross howard iii biography of michael

That her husband had cashed in his life insurance. One, the late Lyle Stuart, snapped it up. Share it:. He told Joe he was buying the book idea at least partially because Lamour was the first movie star he had fallen in love with. That all their stock had been sold.