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I thought, what a great actor, and sought out his other projects.

zelah clarke how tall is adam

Audible Download Audio Books. A must see for Timothy fans!

zelah clarke how tall is adam

Kelly - Episode 3. I want to thank Deb for all the work she does for the fan club-best on the web!!! After watching many of Dalton's movies, my favourite work of him will always be Edward Rochester in Jane Eyre. Known For. I was lucky enough to have a fellow member of Deb's group track me down Hawks.

Jane Eyre on screen: a potted history

And as if not satisfied with two great series, the Beeb did it again in 2006 - once more as a mini series with Ruth Wilson and Toby Stephens. Will Young Interview: After that first "touch" the emotions were cemented whilst watching Jane Eyre.

Jane Eyre, Episode 11, Final (1983)

Ten years elapsed before audiences were deemed grown up enough to deal with something more challenging, and then it was Joan Fontaine and Orson Welles in Gothic and brooding vein. Pilkington - Domestic Help 1987... Jane Eyre on screen: His charming eyes, good looks and beautiful acting makes Timothy very, very, very special, very pleasant.

Jump to: I myself have been a fan of Timothy Dalton for over 20 years and like Debra Best have enjoyed his many works, both on stage and screen. Exhaustive though the list looks, the likelihood is that our lust for her story is as insatiable as the passion it describes, and will continue to grow...

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zelah clarke how tall is adam

Edit page. Debra wrote an excellent article and has so much loyalty to Timothy and all of his fans.

zelah clarke how tall is adam

Having been a huge fan of Bronte's novel since it was the first 'adult' book other than Jack London's books in my life - I read it when I was 11 - Rochester and his romance with Jane made a huge impression on my young heart - and the idea that a man could love a woman like THAT sort of set an ideal in my mind for what I would like to find.

Weather Forecast. She has been married to Francis Ash since 1992. They have one child.