Dachowiec po angielsku babcia

Why didn't you attend the class meeting? From her youth on, she hated parades.

dachowiec po angielsku babcia

I stepped aside for the old lady to pass. Tom watched TV yesterday. He got kicked out of university. You must always keep your hands clean.

"babcia" in English

Patrick hugged his mother tightly. Najdziksze wrzaski wydawali uczniowie.

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Each house is within shouting distance of another. Agnes went to see him. ORG What did you give Mike on his birthday? The baby began to crawl. We talk about every imaginable subject. The gossip has died down.

My school grades were average. I led her to the divan. He pushed his glasses up his nose.

dachowiec po angielsku babcia

He climbed the ladder to the loft. They are brothers. A candle fixed on a shelf gave them light.

dachowiec po angielsku babcia

There's no one in your bedroom. She was about to close the drawer when... Have my parents forgotten that they were young once? He died on the way to hospital.

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They are cousins, if I remember rightly. Her husband had gone away on business. CK Pozamykaj wszystkie drzwi i okna. He asked me the groom's occupation.

dachowiec po angielsku babcia

He looked at himself in the wardrobe mirror. You'll have to arrange a nice funeral.

dachowiec po angielsku babcia