Doctor who melody pond baby

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Who is Melody Pond?

When the regeneration ended, Melody immediately began examining her new body and, per her programming, Melody began using every obvious means of trying to kill the Doctor to lure him into a false sense of security. She escapes and meets up with Eleventh Doctor and the Ponds in Utah.

Doctor Who - A Good Man Goes to War - Melody Pond

Updated Crossovers: However, River drained her weapon pack to defy the fixed point in time and save the Doctor, but time shredded into a reality where all history happened at once due to her actions. Shockingly for us and the Time Lord, we discover that she knows his name.

doctor who melody pond baby

During the next six months, Melody made her way to New York City and developed a terminal illness, but knew she could "fix it" by regenerating. Melody's First Laugh 3. River meets the Seventh Doctor. When Krampus and his goblins invaded Leadworth, the goblins told Mels they had heard "many stories" about her and then tried to attack her, but instead she used her super human strength to attack them.

doctor who melody pond baby

Sign In Don't have an account? While he was distracted she snuck around restricted areas of the party he invited her to and discovered the murder of Jenkins and was asked for help by Spritz , a woman pretending to be one of the robotic waitresses. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse.

doctor who melody pond baby

At some point, River had had an augmented lifespan, and eventually reached 200 years of age. Info from Suspicious Minds , Dr. She was taught to use a throwing star at ten paces before she even knew how to pace, her first steps were towards a box of grenades , and she was given nunchucks for her third birthday.

River then took Helen from Rome in 2016 before Helen went to the exhibition, and got her back there as she was a much better driver than the Doctor.

I definitely agree that River not growing up with her parents was what worked best with the show and with River's character, but this was still fun to explore: Steven Moffat's two-parter introduced us to this mysterious time-traveller who would go on to meet the Time Lord many more times and indeed already had, from her point of view.

River was hiding in the 1920s when she was lured away to Mesopotamia to investigate a mysterious tomb. The Doctor repeatedly tried to tell her who he was, but she did not understand what he was saying. River and the Doctor married in an alternate reality. The Eye of the Storm , Songs of Love.

doctor who melody pond baby

She used a psychic cloak to pose as the nun Sister Cantica at this time, and used her gun to destroy the Solver. The Unknown.

Doctor Who

He was right: The Doctor was glad, glad that his theory had been right and that Melody was, at the most basic level, essentially a Time Lord. Looking in her diary , River realised that he was there about the Battle of Demon's Run. The ship descended, with River and the Doctor unable to bring it under control. River described loving the Doctor as like loving the stars: