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From a mastisan, so we do not blindly support sive increase to minimum wage, to the ideals of either political party. No matter the industry, I know business owners seek out consistent communication, transparency and a clear path to address any issues with government.

Brian focuses on sales, leasing, consulting and development of commercial real estate in the Central Oregon area. Lancair also promotes highest standards of safety in the industry.

Leadership Bend goes behind the scenes and investigates topics from all sides. The plan is available for businesses that are members of the Bend Chamber of Commerce and currently employ two or more eligible employees. Seattle; 2001.

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Is your doctor still in-network? I paddle board. His interest did not stop there- he enrolled himself in acting classes taught by Peter Breck for two years. Wind speeds average from 5 to 7 mph most months.

They believe growth should be kept within the existing cities. Bend is such a good community. Past chairman of the Bend Chamber Board of Directors.

Revealing too many personal details in a business setting can be inappropriate. And fresh food just tastes better. It was an unbelievably fantastic place to grow up. They set out to craft lightweight, responsive, and impeccably crafted guitars featuring innovative designs, unique materials, and distinctive aesthetics.

Atlas forges its ciders in Bend and distributes them in bottles, cans and kegs throughout the Northwest. Style is about your attitude,.

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The plan is. I would send my kids to any of them without even questioning it! Edit page. Bend invites you to try new things and fosters that mentality. But you can use this image as your brand forever! That Central Oregon is big enough to have its own fashion magazine? Riley Rd Bend, OR 97703 541 389-8870 http: