George blanda played quarterback until what age

He played a total of 18 seasons over the course of 21 years. Warren Moon went to his fair share of Pro Bowls.

10 Oldest NFL Quarterbacks Ever

While Peyton Manning , at the age of 37, and Tom Brady , at the age of 36, and Drew Brees , at the age of 34, continue on as three of the best quarterbacks in the league, we sometimes wonder just how much longer this trio will play. That year, in a five-game period, George provided Oakland with four wins and one tie with last-second touchdown passes or field goals — at age 43. Even though he played for a long time, he would have needed to play another 10 years to be No.

Morrall played in three additional Super Bowls and won all but one.

"I never say 'This is my biggest thrill.’ It’s what you can do tomorrow that’s important.”

Imagine what could have happened if Moon, who retired at 44, was able to spend those seasons in the NFL. Still, he passed for a respectable 34,241 yards and 196 touchdowns over 17 seasons that included a four-year hiatus from 1994 through 1997.

george blanda played quarterback until what age

Morrall is known for being one of the greatest backup quarterbacks in NFL history. Matt Hasselbeck led Seattle to its first Super Bowl appearance. Then, in 1907, along with six of his brothers some of whom are pictured above , John joined the Columbus Panhandles when the team was established by future NFL president Joe Carr.

george blanda played quarterback until what age

From the joint first African-American NFL player to the legendary George Blanda, these sportsmen played season after season even after their peers had retired. Wikimedia Commons via Craig Michaud.

He began his memorable run in 1970 by throwing three touchdown passes in place of an injured Daryle Lamonica in a 31-14 win over Pittsburgh on Oct.

george blanda played quarterback until what age

He followed that with a 20-yard TD pass to Fred Biletnikoff in place of Lamonica in a 24-19 victory over Denver the next week, then kicked a 16-yard field goal in the closing seconds to beat San Diego 20-17 on Nov. The Green Bay Packers drafted Boston College product in 1999, and in addition to Seattle, he stopped in Tennessee before finishing his career in Indianapolis as one of the oldest NFL quarterbacks to ever put on the pads.

Vinny Testaverde was a quarterback for 21 seasons and started his professional career in 1987. Wikimedia Commons. He was also placed on the roster for the 1999 Super Bowl, gaining the distinction of being the oldest person ever included on the roster at 45 years and 12 days old, but he did not take part in the game.

Oldest NFL Quarterbacks: 15 Who Played Into Their 40s

As the only active quarterback on this list, Tom Brady , who shows no signs of stopping any time soon, may end up moving higher up on this list someday. The following 10 NFL greats displayed stamina, expertise and persistence, which ensured they were still in the game well after their 40th birthdays.

In 2006, Moon was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, becoming the first African American quarterback as well as the first undrafted quarterback to do so.

george blanda played quarterback until what age

A two-time pro-bowl player, he won a championship in 1956. George handled both jobs with distinction for another nine seasons.

Watch his TED talk here….

george blanda played quarterback until what age

It was a short-lived break. He scored 2,002 points in his career, a pro football record at the time of his retirement, kicking 335 field goals and 943 extra points, running for nine touchdowns and throwing for 236 more.

Perhaps one of his greatest contributions to the game came after his 1964 retirement, aged 45.