How to be a aaa member

how to be a aaa member

Compare plans. There is typically an additional "Enrollment" fee or "New Member" fee, which is an additional charge applied once, when you join. Begin by visiting http: To decide if AAA is worth the price for you, consider the costs and benefits of membership and possible alternatives.

Select a plan that covers your vehicles.

how to be a aaa member

Thanks for letting us know. Enter your zip code if prompted.

Once the main AAA website has referred you to the appropriate regional website, use that website or the contact information listed there to receive information specific to your area. Car insurance quotes.

how to be a aaa member

Help answer questions Learn more. You may find that another service meets your needs well enough, or you might find that the discounts alone make AAA worth it for your family. Click the Membership link on your regional organization's website.

How To Cancel A AAA Membership When Someone Dies

Understand the cost. If your membership plan allows, you may be able to receive or purchase the following benefits: Related Articles. Register online. What would it cost for a married couple owning two cars to join? If calling from a cell phone, AAA may attempt to locate you automatically. Your new score: Optionally, call the listed phone number and ask for information on membership plans.

Your local office may or may not be able to register you as a member over the phone. AAA Plus membership: The details of these vary between regional organizations, but the benefits are typically laid out clearly in a chart. The "Primary Member" price indicates how much you would pay each year for that membership.

Use your AAA membership to receive discounts. One of the most popular reasons for joining AAA is to receive towing, battery jumpstarting, or other emergency services when one's car breaks down. Enter your payment information.