How to build a sandcastle game

To give your sandcastle that personal touch, draw windows or doors on the walls of your castle using sticks, shells, or your spade.

how to build a sandcastle game

So, grab your pail and shovel, and let's get started. Chocolate-free advent calendar ideas for kids.


If you dig only from one side, the wall could collapse. What attributes should your castle have? Fun is a huge part of sand castle building.

However, for little hands, go with a traditional plastic spade. Now, if you've ever tried stacking sand, you've probably noticed that it doesn't stay stuck together all that well. Talk about sand castles and castles in general. Once you start in on the detail carving, Mason says to use the straw you brought along in your toolkit.

Taking a picture of your building will help when it is time to say goodbye to your sand castle and your kids are feeling sad and reluctant to leave.

Today's Top Stories. Now consider where you site your castle. Pour until it stops draining, then jump on it to really pack it in. Once you have your basic structure, bring out your carving tools and start carving out the details for your castle.

how to build a sandcastle game

And once you pull the bucket off you'll have a great circular pack of sand. Rate this activity Based on 1 review How would you rate it?

So you want to fill your mountain with water.

Build a Great Sandcastle This Summer—How to Get Started

With simple tools found in your house, you can build an elaborate beach creation on your next weekend getaway. Competitive sand sculptures come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Make sure you choose the right location. Remember, if you bring lots of accessories to decorate your sand castle to the beach, take them home with you when you leave.

How to Build an Awesome Sand Castle With Your Kids

This is the part where you get to be creative. Jump and stomp on your sand mound, packing it down. Pinterest Shutterstock. What books or movies have the coolest castles?

how to build a sandcastle game