How to change pulley on mini cooper

Underdrive Pulley Install

Clean the balancer hub on the engine and inspect the hub for any damage. Information and technical articles within this website are for reference only. We appreciate it. Once done, re-install the 16mm bolt securing the tensioner to the engine as seen in the photo.

This pulley is considerably easier to remove then the earlier car, as it is held on with only three Torx bolts green arrows.

how to change pulley on mini cooper

On 2004 and later MINIs, the passenger side engine mount was redesigned. Do you want a small performance gain? January 20, 2015. June 18, 2014.

how to change pulley on mini cooper

Close this window. Now refit the engine mount brace for pre 2004 cars and torque each bolt. Forum Jump. Send a private message to PelicanParts. Is there a gasket behind it that needs to be replaced, or should I be looking somewhere else for the leak?

How much to replace SC Pulley?

The factory manual specifies remove the entire engine mount and also a specialized puller from BMW. Oil Change. Need to buy parts for this project?

how to change pulley on mini cooper

Comments and Suggestions: July 27, 2015. Figure 23. Pelican Parts is not associated with Porsche Cars North America in any manner, except for a mutual appreciation and love of the cars. Give our parts specialists a call: View All R52 Articles. Figure 3. Timing Chain Guide Replacement. You guys are awesome!

Crankshaft Pulley Replacement

Any special things to watch out for? A moderate performance gain? As for service mode, no, you do not need to do this and there are instructions show how to actually do it on the web.