How to clean mod wood decking

Water stains from wood tannins will occur in the early life of your deck as the natural tannins come out of the wood fibres at the surface of the ModWood. Spray Lift Off 1 directly on to spot stain. The area you wire brush will quickly fade out and hide your repair. Stubborn usually oil-based stains can be difficult to remove - we find that water-diluted Deck Protect Composite Clean or So Safe deck cleaning products effective.

how to clean mod wood decking

This makes it safer for handling. Tip — it is strongly recommended that all furniture on a ModWood deck has protective feet e.

how to clean mod wood decking

Timber boards will often shrink slightly in width once laid, however ModWood wood fibres have extremely low moisture content. A quick wash with clean, hot water will wash away most marks. Many surfaces can be affected by pets doing their business where they should not.

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A watering can filled with hot water can guide the water better than a bucket. The area you brush will quickly fade out and hide your repair.

Colour Change Update! Is ModWood suitable for use around swimming pools? More information at Care and Maintanence.

how to clean mod wood decking

Yes, when butt joining top fix boards it is recommended to use a 45 mm joist to enable the fasteners to be located a minimum 15mm from the board end. Ekologix Decking has been engineered and designed to be naturally resistant to decay-causing mould and microbes, making it inherently resilient when compared to ordinary timber. Humidity, water and sun exposure can make your charming, wooden oasis look dingy and dirty after only one season.

Care and maintenance of Modwood Decking

Brushed lighter coloured face. Ekologix Decking absorbs oil and grease like an open fibre unsealed material, and given the common usage of decks, oil and grease stains are unavoidable. As with timber, the longer your deck is dirty, the more work it will take to get it clean again. ModWood will undergo some colour change when exposed to the elements and this will primarily happen during the first couple of months.