How to do slow jazz blues licks

When learning how to play in the style of Kenny Burrell, one of the key elements to explore is mixing chords and single-lines during each phrase of an improvised chorus.

how to do slow jazz blues licks

So starting without any is often the cleanest way to write the chart. I look at the root g on third then going down.. Steve Negri says: Kenny Burrell has been a high-in-demand guitarist during his entire career. Players such as Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Clifford Brown, Bud Powell, and others brought fresh levels of excitement to their extended solos, ushering in a new era of jazz improvisation.

Wes Montgomery-Style Chord Solos.

how to do slow jazz blues licks

Hey, that just means keep them in the same part of the bar, on the same beats, but improvise the single notes around the chords where they already are. Using rhythmic motives such as in this lick can help break up your lines, putting more focus on the chromatic notes that create interest in the phrase.

How to Slip in Some Silky Smooth Jazz Techniques

Barney Kessel Jazz Guitar Licks. The login page will open in a new tab. This is the same minorization concept we saw earlier.

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Kenny Burrell

Miles Davis For Guitar. This lick is taken right from the Pat Martino School of jazz blues soloing.

how to do slow jazz blues licks

Ron says: Excellent lesson. Learn more about chromatic playing in this guitar lesson: Salvador says: I think back on that, and think that it was like God came down from the heavens and was sitting across from me.

how to do slow jazz blues licks

So no key signature avoids that confusion. I would be interested in this question too.

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In the second variation, notes of Abm add 9 are used over G7. Follow guitarstuff.

how to do slow jazz blues licks

Jazz Chord Progressions.