How to draw a tag in photoshop

Learn more. Step 11 Create a rectangle that is 1,920 x 250, using the color 85B14D, and move it to the top in the Layers panel, making sure it's outside the "Card" Layer Group.

How to Make a Tag in Photoshop

Activate the "Direct Selection" tool in the Photoshop toolbox. A design like this is perfect to send along to friends and family along with something like a digital gift card, or just to wish people a Merry Christmas on Facebook or via email. Just make sure your string is around 3-4px in width and uses the color 9D9886. Using the Ellipse tool, create a black ellipse that is 1,920 x 50 pixels.

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how to draw a tag in photoshop

Upload a picture for other readers to see. Set the Background Contents to "Transparent" so your default layer will support areas of less than 100 percent opacity.

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Drawing a gift tag

PanoPass members can find the background we're using in the project files. Center it horizontally in your document, and align the center point vertically with the top center point of your green ribbon.

Step 9 Create a new Layer Group named "Card" in the Layers panel and move everything except your background inside. The styles we use here will affect the card as a whole, rather than the individual items.

How to Create a Colorful Christmas Gift Name Tag in Photoshop

Whether you want to build oversized reproductions of tags for output on a large-format printer or actual-size mockups for a client or in-house project, you can construct digital replicas in Adobe Photoshop. By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Adobe Photoshop automatically fills your shape with the foreground color you selected.

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how to draw a tag in photoshop

Using the rectangle tool, create a black rectangle that covers the left 2 pixels of your document. Tips You could replace the "Background" layer with a picture of whatever you want. Earn With Us Collect some cash just by sharing the design articles and resources you love.

how to draw a tag in photoshop

The Gradient Overlay doesn't have to use specific colors, just create a gradient that alternates between dark and light shades. Tell us more about it? Help answer questions Learn more.