How to fix wampserver orange icon 225

What should I do to fix this? How to tell which service is not running if the wampmanager icon is orange.

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RiggsFolly ---. With the new project I am working on inside www, that old DocumentRoot dir did not exist any more so Apache failed to start. Bringing Forms to Life. Thank you, I exited WampServer then navigated to the data folder, deleted all the files in it, and then deleted the whole "data" folder, then ran CMD as Admin and cd to the bin folder in MySQL and ran the command then the folder reappeared and I again ran WampServer but the issue still persist, the log file still outputs the same error "Failed initialize plugins.

Click here to login. Again, when I click to install service a command window tells me: Posted by: This might seem like a silly question but some months back I installed wampserver and then installed opencart CMS in the www directory in wamp which I used to successfully carry out a project, fast forward today and I tried installing wordpress in the www directory and I kept getting an error message and then I tried to access the project I was working on with opencart and I found out that the project had been destroyed, I kept getting error messages.

Sorry, only registered users may post in this forum. On Win 8. Not sure about the W8 final release but the previews had the localhost address commented out. It was really nice of you helped me in to setting up my wampserver. Your email address will not be published. Pages 415-429. When adding a virtual host listening on a different port like: Thanks, see you at 14: Thank you to RiggsFolly, it was because of your hint about the Event Viewer above that I found the issue.

WAMP Server icon is always Orange in color & not turning Green

Creating a Dynamic Online Gallery. D Followed "If apache not running". Pages 141-178.