How to grease a bike chain

How to Lubricate a Bike Chain

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how to grease a bike chain

Right choice of lube but there is a much better way. To lube a bicycle chain, use wet lube if you live in a rainy or snowy climate, or use dry lube if you live in an arid climate. Often, these oils are very light and low-viscosity, requiring more frequent application.

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It's too thin to be applied on automotive parts and bikes. I wasn't sure. Non-specific lubes are either too light to stay put, too heavy to properly penetrate, too sticky, too watery, too… you get the picture. Hold the rag in place as the chain spins.

how to grease a bike chain

I went thru many different lubes, including motor oil once and ATF, but for past three years using Dumond Tech Original. I use Bacardi 151. Put some paper towels on the floor.

how to grease a bike chain

Hold the bottle of lube so the nozzle is resting on the inside of the chain. After we are done with step 4, lightly pull up the bike but be careful, the fresh lubricating oil may spread out. Rockets Class. There are car products here; could those be too strong? As a cycling fan or a daily bike rider, maintaining your gears is extremely important, especially in the winter or a rainy day. This process did not require any professional technical skills and it may take 30 minutes to finish.