How to make a bong time bomb

Marijuana legalization has passed in many states and is gaining momentum not just in our country but around the world. Pack the joint into the bowl by filling the ganja you ground from earlier around each side equally. Japanese Rain Goggles 30. If one wanted to up the ante, you could employ two different types of cannabis in the joint versus the bowl, in order to swirl multiple types of tastes together.

Making a Kief Time Bomb

Mothership Muffins. Even though it was not his original invention, his execution was spot on. Registration Comic.

how to make a bong time bomb

Top definition. Time bomb drugs. We smoked a time bomb last night. The act of secretly giving a girl multiple laxatives then proceeding to engage in anal sex while striving to cum as fast as possible preferably before she defecates.

Yeah, what of it? A blunt with hash in it smoked with people. Consists of crushing the tablets to powder, wrapping with one-ply toilet paper, and swallowing the " capsule.

December 2016. April 2017.

Introducing The Timebomb – The Most Lethal Bong Ever

As if the Doc has allowed you to take a spin in the DeLorean, sparking up this Time Bomb will catapult you straight to 88 mph, igniting the flux capacitor, and sending you hurling forward through time at the speed of Superman.

There has never been a better time to be alive as a cheba enthusiast. August 2017. Make sure not to leave a screen in the bowl as this obstruction will keep the joint from sitting properly. Nash Grier 15. December 2018.

how to make a bong time bomb

The Nice 27. This part can be tricky, so do not hesitate to get a little help from your friends. How To Use Your Kief.

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how to make a bong time bomb

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