How to make a shekere skirts

Make a guiro from a recycled water bottle.

how to make a shekere skirts

Cut a number of strings enough to fit around the gourd approximately 30 inches long. Beads, Seeds, Nuts or Seashells.

Bead Your Own African Shekere

Fillings that create quieter shekeres are sand, salt, sugar, Q-tips, seed beads or tiny pasta such as pastina. Different language groups in each country often have their own names, styles, techniques, and traditions associated with the shekere.

Here are some of my recent shekeres. You can put 2 or 3 beads on each of the strings or on only one string in the pair.

how to make a shekere skirts

Finish The Instrument! The instrument was originally from Africa but is now used in Afro-Caribbean, Jazz, Salsa, and other popular music.

how to make a shekere skirts

Create a repeated pattern using at least three different tones. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. Form a marching formation while you do this. This site uses cookies.

how to make a shekere skirts

Musicians dance and sing while they shake a shekere or bang it on their knees. Throughout the continent it is called different things, such as the lilolo, axatse Ghana , and chequere.

how to make a shekere skirts

Shekeres among the Yoruba of Nigeria are often connected with religion, given great respect, and play a very important role in traditional music.

Be sure to check them every few weeks and wipe off the mold to avoid rot. A wide variety of gourds are grown in the United States especially in the Southeast and are usually harvested in the fall. Every gourd used to make a shekere is different and unique. Adding the beads is where you creativity really comes into play.

Make Your Own Shekere (African Percussion Instrument) Tutorial

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