How to make fun loom stuff

Make a rubber band into the shape of an 8. You can also buy the clips by themselves, and there are also 24 clips when you buy the bands separately.

how to make fun loom stuff

Not Helpful 0 Helpful 0. Keep on repeating steps 3, 4, 5 and 6 until the band is the right size. Not Helpful 10 Helpful 18. This should leave you with a starburst or asterisk shape. Place a second band. You can test this by getting the end of it then putting it at the top of the band.

Make sure you have an S or C clip. Click here to share your story. The arrows should be facing away from your body. Method 6. Make sure the arrow is pointing towards you when you begin hooking. Add a C clip or s clip to the last band on the loom, take the whole thing off of the loom, and then clip the C clip or s clip onto the loops on your hook.

The Ultimate Rainbow Loom Guide

Method 3. Make the perimeter bands. Stretch the bracelet out. Get your "S" or "C" clip. Made Recently View more 44 total.

how to make fun loom stuff

Then double up another at put it at the center of the burst. This will help you grab the bands to weave them.

Make bracelets with the colors of your favorite football team, of the Harry Potter house you identify with. Flip the rainbow loom so now the pegs are facing downwards. Look for supplies online or visit a craft or office supply store. Always be careful not to dislodge the other bands on the center peg.

Do the clockwise bands again until you have another burst with a bottom that overlaps with the top of the first burst. Weave the perimeter.

how to make fun loom stuff

Enjoy your new bracelet.