How to play reverse 6 volleyball rules

A ball striking a backboard or rim will be a replay only if the ref feels it was going to be a playable ball; such obstructions will be noted in the captains' meeting.

What Are the Rules for Reverse Coed Volleyball?

Libero Serving Rules In one rotation, the libero may replace a player in the service position to serve. No spoilers in post titles. Once pool play is over, all teams will be seeded and a playoff pairing will be made.

how to play reverse 6 volleyball rules

Meaning if all 3 matches of the night are not played due to an entire team not showing up, it will be counted as a complete forfeit in the records and your team will be notified.

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Reverse 6’s – Wednesdays

After match 6 including the postseason , roster exemptions to replace injured players or players who have moved will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Around the world, competitive volleyball is usually played only by same-sex teams.

how to play reverse 6 volleyball rules

Hard Driven Ball — Finger action beach dig allowed for first contact on a hard- driven ball. This article was written by the SportsRec team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information.


Reverse Coed Strategies self. Spiking from out of the back row is only legal if the attacking player takes off from behind the ten-foot line. All rights reserved. Libero Replacements: Teams Most places that run reverse coed tournaments seem to include teams of two, four or six to a side. In gyms where there is no 10-foot line, the ref will designate one.

how to play reverse 6 volleyball rules

Want to add to the discussion? Please do not use players who will create havoc in your division; at the very least, they throw off the level of play, and in many cases, they can be dangerous to the opposing teams.

Different-sized teams may be accommodated as long as the number of female players is equal to the number of male players or, in the case of odd-numbered teams, play time is divided equally among male and female players by substitution. However, if more than one play is made by a team during an offensive action, a male player must make one of the contacts.

how to play reverse 6 volleyball rules

Bring a Guy Up — When only one male is in the front row, a back row male may play in the front row for blocking purposes only. Physical abuse will result in automatic ejection from the league. They cannot lose by forfeit if someone gets hurt after play begins.