How to quiet down ebay exhaust

Well we drove around straight pipe just for fun, then decided to throw the topspeed on and there wasn't much difference at all.

How to Quiet Your Motorcycle’s Exhaust

I spoke to Paramount and they weren't overwhelmingly helpful. I saw the 04 on ebay but wasnt sure if it would fit.

how to quiet down ebay exhaust

Cant seem to find anything other than full exhaust kits on ebay. Many riders purchase used bikes and these bikes are often modified by their previous owners.

how to quiet down ebay exhaust

Another way to improve the standard bullet muffler is to choose a glasspack muffler because it features sound deadening material. If you take the end of your exhaust tip off you might be able to see if anything was modified.

how to quiet down ebay exhaust

While the muffler is apart, you can also pack it with sound deadening materials, like steel wool and fiberglass.

I just installed my topspeed, just for shiits.

how to quiet down ebay exhaust

You could fit an adapter if they are slightly different diameters. I guess it auto sets the shipping price. Forum

Sharocks Tue, May-28-2013, 07: You can also improve the current system with baffles, packing, pipes, tips, and wraps. Motorcycle and scooter owners that wish to quiet their exhaust system should evaluate the effectiveness of their muffler first and consider other methods to dampen sound.

Replace the Catalytic Converter The catalytic converter is not necessary for motorcycle operation but it is required by law in many countries in order to limit toxic emissions. Aftermarket exhausts are more affordable than those that can be purchased straight from the manufacturer. I like quiet and I've messed around with enough exhausts on bikes where OEM-style replacements are thousands of dollars.

It's still loud as fawk. Bike owners need to consider the number of cylinders and whether the bike has one or two mufflers in order to make a purchasing decision on mufflers and exhaust components. Want to quiet it down?