How to re enamel tub

One place to start is the bathtub. Give the bathtub a second and third coat of paint, allowing the paint to dry thoroughly between each coat. Many refinishers first roughen up the tub's surface by brushing on a solution of hydrofluoric acid before using a bonding agent.

Clean the tub thoroughly, and remove all caulking.

How to Refinish a Bathtub

There are small changes you can make to this important room in your house to update and improve its look. The gleaming fresh finish on this Metropouloses' 1919 tub should last about 15 years.

how to re enamel tub

Skip to main content. Scrub the entire surface of the tub with trisodium phosphate or a phosphate-free substitute. Rinse thoroughly and repeat with a product like Lime-A-Way or CLR if needed, especially around the drain and trip lever.

Tub liners and spray refinishing both give you a new-looking tub without the expense and mess of ripping out the old...

How to Redo a Porcelain Tub

He scrapes off soap scum with a razor blade, then wipes on an alkaline emulsifier commonly used to strip wax off floors. Wipe the tub with paper towels to be sure all water is removed, then wipe with a dry tack cloth to remove any dust or paper residue.

how to re enamel tub

Release the trigger at the end of each pass to avoid over-spraying and drips. Spray bleach-based cleaners directly on the tub walls and floor.

How to Paint a Bathtub With Enamel Paint

We had 6 extra set of hands working away for 3 days and we were able to get so much done. Porcelain tub refinishing takes some patience, but it is well worth the effort.

how to re enamel tub

Fixing a Worn-Out Tub Surround. Whatever you use to apply the enamel will be ruined, so plan to throw away your tools. The tub spout should twist off by turning it counterclockwise.

Re-enamel bathtub using the Magic kit - Review

Brown, Denise. However, the finish was completely worn off so it was permanently stained, no matter what product I used or how hard I scrubbed it.

Refinish Your Cast-Iron Tub

Paventi, Jared. If the plumbing fixture's handles or downspout are in the way, cover them with a plastic grocery store bag, or small sandwich-size plastic bags if they are all separate pieces, and seal the bags to the end of the fixture with painter's tape. Surrounding materials—tile, flooring, and all of those other things mentioned—are masked off and left in place. Use old or cheap bath towels so that any residual bleach does not damage your good linens.

Done correctly, either off-site in a shop or in place, sink or tub resurfacing is an effective and inexpensive solution for porcelain that is chipped, worn rough, or whose color has simply gone out of style. If you are concerned about getting paint on the overflow or drain, cut a piece of wax paper to size and tape to the fixture with painter's tape.