How to restore blackberry to new device

However, Android also offer a number of similar apps with the same capabilities and some new ones that can make communication across multiple social media and IM apps seamless and straightforward.

how to restore blackberry to new device

Once your device is visible on the BlackBerry desktop software, click on the "Back-up and Restore" icon. Visit BlackBerry's website, and download the software. That is it!

how to restore blackberry to new device

How do I find my model number? But thankfully, there is now an Android BBM version , so you can continue connecting with people in the same way on your Android with instant messages, voice calls, voice notes and more. Using Bluetooth on your phones, it is possible to bulk transfer contacts from BlackBerry to Android. If you need a quick response then click Chat Now below, or send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Thank you for your feedback! For networking, the BlackBerry is a winner.

How to Transfer Contacts and SMS from BlackBerry to Android

Peer to peer support for mobile phones. Downloading the BBM app to your Android is nice and simple too.

how to restore blackberry to new device

Click on "Restore from Backup" on the interface. However, the full touchscreen Android phones do make for easy app and data management in one handset, using a single USB cable.

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how to restore blackberry to new device

Activate Bluetooth on the Android Phone Right, to start with you need activate Bluetooth on your Android phone and make the device visible. You can then see the transfer status of the export from BlackBerry to Android, and once complete everything you need will now be on your Android phone for you.

How to Transfer Data from BlackBerry Device to Another BlackBerry

To transfer wirelessly data from an old BlackBerry device to your new Galaxy device, you will need to take action on both devices, at the same time, going back and forth from your old device to the new one.

Now the BlackBerry software would detect your new device and show its name on the software's interface.

how to restore blackberry to new device

You can visit "My World" screen and re-install apps that were installed on old phone.