How to use linkedin for prospecting

LinkedIn - 5 Useful Tips for B2B Sales

Fourth, John always ends the message without pressure. I use it all the time. This is usually restricted to first level contacts which reinforces the importance of tip 1. John says the response rates to his initial prospecting invites depend on the script. Lisa D.

Ten Tips For Using Linkedin For Sales Prospecting

The higher level the account you have, the more you get. Tip 3: Share your feedback, read the show notes, and get the links mentioned in this episode below. Gone are the cold, professional emails people used to exchange within LinkedIn. Sale Ends February 22nd!

how to use linkedin for prospecting

To find more clients, John had a plan to use LinkedIn for prospecting. But groups are incredibly useful in three other ways: If the first line of your profile says you help marketing managers in charge of social media do this, this, and this, that person is excited and intrigued because you can solve something they need help with.

Get past the gatekeeper with InMail Ask anyone in sales — senior decision makers are a tough group to get through to.

LinkedIn Prospecting: How to Find and Connect With Future Customers

Listen to the show to hear how pre-qualifying people helps John manage LinkedIn messages. I find it helps break the ice. After you talk about how you can help and why, share what others say about you by adding testimonials. John says to use the tools to save time on repetitive tasks like copying and pasting or opening new windows. In fact, for business, it is arguably the social network Its closest competitors, Viadeo and Xing, lag far behind with around 65 million and 15 million members respectively.

Ask anyone in sales — senior decision makers are a tough group to get through to. John says using third-party tools is a gray area.

For example, John can contact the 800 business coaches in Minneapolis who went to the University of Minnesota.

how to use linkedin for prospecting

Thank you for your feedback and on-going support. Make sure you include current links to your company site, your Twitter account and Facebook page I find that a significant number of people who check out my LinkedIn profile go on to follow me on Twitter.

We have since learned that LinkedIn is now warning users that utilizing Leonard or similar 3rd party tools puts your account at risk of being temporarily suspended. He likens these tools to an email marketing system where he can insert a name and personal message based on the criteria in his search filters.

how to use linkedin for prospecting

People join, people leave, companies make important announcements — any change can present a good reason to get in touch and offer to help. Within 90 days, John had replaced his six-figure salary, generated revenue, and had a bunch of clients in the door.