Ngati whatua settlement bill

ngati whatua settlement bill

However, those reserves were never established:. Wellington Scoop NewsWire.

ngati whatua settlement bill

Like your forebears, your journey has been a very long one, but this day has arrived, so congratulations to you all. Bluegreens Forum: Certain disposals permitted but land remains RFR land. The board had not retained any portion of the rentals to ensure the owners could pay for those improvements: The settlements we introduce today provide us all with a new opportunity to re-examine our colonial history and to move onwards with mutual respect and understanding.

Much of their remaining land was of minimal economic and agricultural value:.

Ngāti Whātua Orākei Claims Settlement Bill

Living conditions for those who remained in South Kaipara resembled rural slums: The board leased most of the block for 25 years, with a right of renewal for a total of 50 years. In 1957, near the end of the lease, the owners had little option but to sell the land to the Crown because they could not raise the finance to pay the lessee compensation for improvements. While Crown agents stressed that the low prices offered would be off-set by the benefits promised of roads, hospitals and schools, these were either slow to arrive or not realised.

Whether through a historical, a cultural, or a geographic lens, the extent of both settlements is immense. Much of this was sandhills or marginal country isolated from areas of settlement.

Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei Claims Settlement Act 2012

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ngati whatua settlement bill

Administration of Parakai Recreation Reserve. Notices about RFR land. Quick Links complaints member-benefits. Rights of first refusal of governance entities. Properties vesting in fee simple to be administered as reserves.

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RFR landowner obligations. Lands at Puketapu and elsewhere were also acquired by the Crown for sand-dune reclamation purposes. Crown policy was to purchase at a low price and on-sell at high prices. With each succeeding generation, individual shares became smaller and less economic until management of the land was impossible and the land was effectively unusable: Search within this Act.