Nice guys get nowhere quotes

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I've met and worked for people whom I would consider nice and genuine, but they were not fools. Nice guys are wonderful. This world sucks.

nice guys get nowhere quotes

Recent Active. He liked to intimidate people.

Surprise! Being nice gets you nowhere

I get a lot of work, actually. And reconting the story to me some time later and knowing I was gay.

nice guys get nowhere quotes

For R11: It is a different country now. What's your name? Democracy requires judgement. Some of the latter were so toxic and poorly managed that advancement and recognition were a chore, and you saw a lot of talented people eventually head for the exits. Anyone who is always going around saying they are "just trying to be nice" are most often, anything but nice.

Do you live in squalor?

nice guys get nowhere quotes

Or in charge. They have joy in their lives despite their circumstances.

Nice Guys Finish Last Because… (From A Woman’s Perspective)

I will continue to do good things for those who betrayed me. The past is over, and all grievances are in the past.

nice guys get nowhere quotes

We each have free will. Take it from a nice guy and a wallflower. I'm not Buddhist. I just thought she was cool to hang out with.


It appears that you are indeed trapped between a rock and hard spot. And when you go, so do all your "problems. She steals ideas and is a total bitch to everyone outside of the executive level.