Rusu actors who played

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Not even just for acting, but anything you want to be involved in. While Sarah is the obvious choice, I always appreciate a well written villain. What are a couple of your hobbies? Skip to content.

Emily Rusu | Actor Highlight | Meet the Cast | UNWAVERING

No, wait…?? In middle school I discovered my love of musicals and Broadway.

rusu actors who played

You start out thinking one thing about him, and then he twists your emotions around and make you feel so many things towards him and the situation. My favorite scene to shoot was the last scene.

While I love working behind the camera, I took opportunities to get in front of it as well.

rusu actors who played

First Name Last Name Email address: No, blue. Here are the questions we asked Emily: Hmm… Purple? Then, I went to school for video production. Thank you, Emily, for being involved with this film!

What made you interested in acting? Which actor s inspire you?

rusu actors who played

I got to act silly multiple times a week. Her commitment to her role was incredibly inspiring! So, I got involved in the theater department and was in a performance all four years of high school. Here are the questions we asked Emily:.

Email address: Do you have any advice for aspiring actors? Favorite color? It was shot very late at night on the forth day of shooting, so we were all a little silly from being sleep deprived!

rusu actors who played

Also, be sure to stay connected through Facebook Instagram. I got to see how she worked behind the scenes and how her acting methods came off on camera.