Turkish wedding ring how to put together

History of puzzle rings as wedding rings

Pack and Ship. While she was rumoured to have found the ring delightful and intriguing, he had ulterior motives in its design.

Jewelry Personalization. Stone Setting Training. Figure 4 Continue rotating Ring B until it is in this position.

How to Put a Turkish Wedding or Puzzle Ring Together

Do not force the bands together or they may bend, making the puzzle impossible to solve. Types of Mexican Instruments. Historians actually believe now that the legend was fabricated by locals in order to encourage military personnel stationed in Turkey to buy the unique weddings rings to take to their loved ones back home.

Place the disassembled puzzle ring in the palm of one hand. Featured Advanced Mountings Search.

turkish wedding ring how to put together

When he returned from his frequent travels, the intact puzzle ring would prove that she had remained faithful to him, since he had not given her the solution to put it back together.

Figure 8 Ring is complete. Place the assembled puzzle ring on your finger and verify that the bands are all in the right position.

turkish wedding ring how to put together

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turkish wedding ring how to put together

According to legend, only the nobleman and the jeweller who designed the ring knew the proper steps to manipulate the individual elements of the ring to make it whole again. So where does this tradition come from?

turkish wedding ring how to put together

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turkish wedding ring how to put together

Puzzle Ring Instructions.