Utf 8 m dash how

A good formatting algorithm will not e. Simple punctuation rules [ Oxford ] might just refer to a dash in general. What do you mean by 'decode this char'?

Dashes and hyphens

The character commonly known as hyphen originated in early typewriters. Does anybody know how to convert it? Also see stackoverflow. For further details, you can extend your question with more specifics.

utf 8 m dash how

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UTF-8 encoding table and Unicode characters

See discussion on 2-em and 3-em dashes in the Unicode mailing list in January 2010. This document discusses various dashes and hyphens—loosely speaking, those characters for which we have used Ascii hyphens as surrogates, in lack of anything better.

utf 8 m dash how

Last revision: For information on reading the standard, see my Guide to the Unicode standard. HY, Hyphen: For a general discussion on line breaking, please refer to Unicode line breaking rules: However, programs like web browsers may divide such a construct into two lines, even though Unicode line breaking rules explicitly forbid a line break between two em dashes. Sign up using Email and Password.

utf 8 m dash how

Mechanical snail 19. It is also possible to use a style that distinguishes between different parenthetic remarks [ Caskill ]:.

Unicode Character 'EM DASH' (U+2014)

The Unicode standard mentions: I am working on decoding text. Related 486.

utf 8 m dash how

When a sufficient character repertoire is available, the following usage rules are suitable, since they comply with old typographic and orthographic principles and the defined Unicode meanings of characters:. The notes in the table above are not from Table 6-3 of the standard, but they reflect the statements in the standard elsewhere. It typically takes many years before a character added to Unicode becomes generally available in fonts, and these characters are probably no exceptions.