What baseball bat hits the farthest

I have an original 2007 Anderson Techzilla youth baseball bat. Unfortunately, Easton is all over the place with their weights. The player who hit a home run at our local field was using an expensive, end loaded Easton XL1 bat with a q I estimate at.

Why does a ball go farther when hit with an aluminum bat?

You should try weighing it on a scale — some bats are overweight by 2-3 ounces from what is stated on the bat. So I would steer away from anything heavier than this model. But feeling comfortable and ready to hit is a large part of successful hitting. Was impressed by your last answer, so coming to you again. All youth bats are required to perform at or below BPF of 1.

Previous Previous post: Stronger alloys allow bat makers to make thinner walls, which increases the trampoline effect. Swinging a bat that slowly decreases the chances of hitting the ball perfectly or even at all, so hitting the ball 53 feet would be rare for a player with a 20 MPH swing.

Best Youth Baseball Bats: A Skeptic’s Guide

The solid curve is a theoretical prediction from my simple mass-spring model of the trampoline effect , and the data points represent the measured BBCOR values extracted from the original field study data by my friend and colleague Alan Nathan for the five metal bats used in the Grisco-Greenwald batting cage study.

Here are a few ways to do that:.

what baseball bat hits the farthest

So a harder bat just results in more deformation of the ball, and a lesser hit. Voodoo or Mako.

Which Baseball Bat Hits the Farthest?

Try out as many bats as you can, and the one your kid says he likes the most is the one he will do the best with because hitting is ALL about confidence, not science.

It sounds like a better transition would be to a heavier bat in your opinion. Your email address will not be published. I even have some corked bats the students get to try swinging. In my research on bats, I found that some bat makers have found tricks to satisfy the regulations while increasing performance.

I suggest you read my post on how to determine if a bat is too heavy, and then test this bat and others with soft toss as described in that post: I felt his bat speed was excellent.

what baseball bat hits the farthest

In almost every professional game one or more players breaks a bat on an inside pitch. If m is 10 grams and M is 990 grams, the bullet loses more than 99 percent of its initial kinetic energy.

what baseball bat hits the farthest

In his first couple of at-bats against live pitching with this ultra-light bat, he hit a line drive and a hard grounder. The bouncier the ball, the farther it will travel when hit. The high-end bats suitable for summer play at the 7- to 8-year-old level are also suitable for the 9- to 10-year old level.

Super thin walls with any alloy will dent. The second reason is that when an aluminum bat hits a ball, the aluminum bat will very quickly bend and compress in response to the hard ball, and then very quickly the bat will spring back to its original shape.