What happened to family radio wfme

That old blog is now archived as we now focus on a plan that is forward-looking. WNEQ is just a first step for this area.

what happened to family radio wfme

Matthias Gafni is an investigative reporter. Listenership is building and new donations continue to come in. God working through the gifts of His people has enabled Family Radio to build and operate a national network of powerful AM and FM stations and translators throughout the United States. The coverage is small but we intend to keep working on expanding the coverage now that we have a foot hold in the area.

what happened to family radio wfme

Those insiders say the nonprofit mishandled the sales of the stations, reaping far less than they were worth, and is on the hook for millions of dollars to devotees who have loaned them money over the years. We have increasingly received positive feedback and support from these old Family Radio areas.

After Family Radio, what now? Moving forward, embracing Christ and His Church

For a while we looked into other networks and found them to not be a sufficient match. Redeemer Broadcasting for Southern Maryland: His "deeper spiritual meanings" were often fabricated and he would not entertain serious debate regarding them.

what happened to family radio wfme

Dear Friends, I have been listening to family radio since around 1989 or before. Family Radio now has a history of 15 years of being against the church.

Family Radio Network - East Coast

I especially like the music. We give all glory and praise to the Lord for whatever good has come from this effort. In Southern Maryland we have a regular presence at the county fair, and enjoy meeting our friends.

what happened to family radio wfme

Save it to your favorites. We may entertain moving our signal, or adding a booster, and even acquiring a new signal. Those early days entailed taking very small steps and funding the advances mostly through personal sacrifice and funding.

what happened to family radio wfme

Yet many of these so-called "Campingites" exist to this day. As noted above, Family Radio seems to have repudiated the "end of the church age" heresy late 2018. The new signal engulfs the former signals and provides real coverage for well over 300,000 potential listeners.

We are not of a so-called "Two Kingdom" view. The Apostle wrote: We would love to hear from you. The obstacles to growth have always been financial and the lack of having access to a large signal footprint.