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The end of the needle that normally points toward the north pole of the earth would point to the south pole of the magnet. Accept Deny.

How Are Magnets Made? - Lesson for Kids

Sign Up. Soft iron and certain iron alloys, such as p ermalloy a mixture of iron and nickel can be very easily magnetized, even in a weak field. Well, to start with, anything that has a motor uses a magnet.

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It's A Snap: Magnetic Fields Seen "Snapping" Back To The Sun

After that, the shaped powder is then heated to make the metal hard and solid, and then the metal is cooled down again. Un-oriented magnets also known as "isotropic magnets" are much weaker than oriented magnets, and can be magnetized in any direction. Email is not a valid email. Create an account to start this course today. Pliny wrote of a hill near the river Indus that was made entirely of a stone that attracted iron.

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Both of these associations are now a part of the International Magnetics Association. Who are you? To learn more, visit our Earning Credit Page. Students Love Study. Are there industry standards for magnets? Legend has it that Magnes was herding his sheep in an area of Northern Greece called Magnesia, about 4,000 years ago. When like poles of a magnet are brought together, the lines of force push away from each other and the magnets repel each other.

Magnets are made by exposing objects that contain nickel, iron, or cobalt to a magnetic field. Special Gaussmeters can cost up to several thousands of dollars.