Who dies puzzle 3 challenge

Then he would immediately know that he had on a white hat, as there are only 2 black hats; as a result there would be no delay. All 3 men know this.

who dies puzzle 3 challenge

Since neither spoke up, he knew he had a white hat. If the middle saw a black hat, he would know his was white since one of the two must be white.

who dies puzzle 3 challenge

Their non-responses allow the first man to make the deduction. How did he come to this conclusion? If the two front hats were black, the third wise man would have called out the colour of his hat as white immediately.

Thanks for all the puzzles submitted for the first contest which I reserve the right to present in future posts — there were some good ones. The last man in line can see two hats. If the first man has a black hat, then the second man would he has a white hat, because then the last man would know his hat would have to be white.

Some time goes by as the wise men ponder the puzzle in silence.

The Puzzle of the 3 Hats

Now that this time has passed, the middle guy should know that If the front guy has a black hat, he the middle guy must have a white hat since there are either 2 whites or 1 white and 1 black. You will be able to unsubscribe at any time. That means both other men must be wearing black.

Three wise men are told to stand in a straight line, one in front of the other.

who dies puzzle 3 challenge

But he announces no such thing. If this were the case, then the second person would know that he has a white hat and would announce this. Therefore, he saw at least one white hat.

‘Who Dies Puzzle’ Riddle Answer Revealed

Fireworks Entanglement Dilemma: Although he can see the hat of the man in front of him and can see it is white, he cannot see the hat on the man in back of him, which could be either white or black, so he cannot tell for sure the colour of his own hat, and so says nothing. If the man in the middle sees a black hat in front of him, then, in combination with the black hat behind him, he knows by elimination that his hat must be white.

The second man would have deduced that if the first man had a black hat and he himself had a black hat, the third man would have spoken up first with a white hat. Thus, the first man must have a white hat.

Aaron G. Which he announces.


He is correct. Fischer Adam G. Please click on the puzzle you would like to receive a solution for.

who dies puzzle 3 challenge

Solutions are available for the following puzzles: Since the third man is silent, the second man knows that of his own hat and the man in front of him, one must be white and one must be black, since if both were black, the man in back of him would have known his own hat was white and said so.